MARKUS T glasses are created in Germany. Or to be more precise: In down-to-earth East-Westphalia. Every single stage of production can be viewed and experienced in our transparent factory in Gütersloh – from the design, to raw materials and the finished glasses. MARKUS T glasses not only impress with their low weight, but also their durability. We promise that you can trust in our premium materials and our expertise in production and finishing by offering you our extended guaranteed on material breakage.


Registration & requirements

To benefit from the 4-year guarantee on material breakage, simply register for the extended guarantee after the purchase (together with your optician if necessary) by completing the registration form.

  • Please register within four weeks of purchasing the glasses.
  • Markus Temming GmbH will confirm registration for the extended guarantee by e-mail, after checking your personal data. This includes the guarantee certificate as well as your details from the registration form.
  • Having successfully registered, the 4-year guarantee on material breakage applies from the purchase date. The purchase date must be verified with the purchase receipt. It needs to be submitted together with your guarantee certificate in the case of a guarantee claim. External force is excluded.
  • The personal data on the guarantee certificate musst accord with the data on the sales receipt.
  • The guarantee applies only when the glasses have been handled correctly.
  • A claim under the guarantee must be processed through your MARKUS T optician.

Download optican information


Purchase date must be documented in case of warranty on the purchase receipt. Therefore, the sales receipt must be kept.

Serial TITAN

To be completed by the optician.

* Obligatory data

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As soon as we have verified your personal information you will receive your warranty extension certificate.
Further input

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