About us

Light, durable glasses 100% handmade in Germany.

Authentic, genuine, unique – manufacture and product alike: We design and produce light and durable glasses in the unique working atmosphere of a redeveloped grain distillery in Isselhorst near Gütersloh, their pure design underlining the look of the wearer without turning them into someone else. Each pair of glasses is unique because it is manufactured 100% by hand for you here in East Westphalia.


Special in every detail

A special feature of our glasses is the patented screwless hinge, which marks every collection. For example, the hinge of the DOT collection, in which the sophisticated, complex hinge technology is integrated into the smallest space. This results in highly functional glasses, which give you many years of pleasure.


Quality without compromise due to exclusive materials

We work with functional and exclusive materials: TMi and titanium. TMi is a synthetic developed and patented just for MARKUS T that unites two seemingly contradictory properties. It is tough, retains its shape and at the same time is extremely light. Sunlight? It could never affect the colour. It is also recyclable and anti-allergenic just like the titanium. The alloy we use is of such high quality that it is even applied in medical technology. It allows the development of ultra-flat and narrow frames, which are extremely durable and unbreakable due to their good spring properties and the resultant high flexibility.

Patented dyeing processes for our materials

Colour is a creative element. The colour of a pair of glasses underlines the individuality of the wearer and at the same time emphasises the technology and design of the glasses frames. Our glasses are coloured in a dye process developed and patented by us: Multiple-Step-Colouring (MSC) for high quality titanium and the innovative polyamide dye process for TMi – naturally all done here in Isselhorst.

This results in glasses with a natural, matt appearance, where the colours do not lose their original quality over the course of many years Our in-house dye processes allow us to respond very flexibly – according to customer orders as well as trends.

Flexible, adjustable and reliable, as every head is different

Our glazing technology is as unique as the hinges or the materials: Our glasses are glazed without much tension over the centre, which gives the lenses inside the frames greater flexibility and durability. For our titanium glasses, we dispense with screws, which allow little tolerance, and use Nylon fibres instead. Lenses are sealed over the nose bridge in the ME-collection. And what about fitting a finished pair of glasses? This is also child’s play, as your optician can easily adjust the temples in length and width.


MARKUS T stands for excellent design

So it is not surprising, that our glasses have received awards more than 40 times for their design and technology since our company was founded in 1998. The collection DESIGN/D3, first introduced in 2015, received in the very same year the renowned IF gold award as well as the Red Dot Award in the product design category and won the German Design Award in 2016. Just to name a few examples.

Markus T Awards

Our passion

Markus Temming, however, is not concerned about prizes, but rather about the best solution and the finished design – without any questions. We work with precision – at every level – and we love our craft. The result creates light and comfortable glasses, which are especially durable and convincingly underline the character of the wearer with their pure and simple design.